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  32Bit MCU
  ● LT32A01
  ● LT32U02/32A02
  TFT LCD Controller
  ● LT7680
  ● LT7681/3/6
  ● LT7381
  Serial/Uart Port TFT Controller
  ● LT268
  ● LT7688
  ● Serial TFT Panel Solution
  BLE 4.0 + 32Bit MCU
  ● LT5926
  ● LT5928
  Low Power Capacitive Touch Key Controller
  ● LT6101
  Capacitive Touch Screen Controller (60ch)
  ● LT2305

General Description:

LT32U02/32A02 are 32bits MCU with high efficiency and low cost. LT32U02 internally contains a high-performance 32bits C0 RISC core, having a maximum operating frequency of 72 MHz. In addition, the chip owns high speed embedded memor