High Performance UartTFT controller IC

Product Description

LT7689 is high performance Uart TFT Controller IC. Integrated with Cortex M4 32bit MCU core architecture and 2D graphic engine, LT7689 can be controlled by the host MCU through Uart interface, and deliver complex contents onto the LCD panel through simple commands. In addition to its high-performance M4 MCU, LT7689 also provides graphics processing and acceleration functions.

LT7689 can improve the efficiency of displaying pictures/contents to the TFT panel and reduce the time it takes for the host MCU to process for the graphic display. LT7689 supports 16/18/24bits TFT RGB panels with a display resolution ranging from 320 x 240 (QVGA)  to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA). LT7689 has an embedded M4 core MCU, with a maximum speed of 150MHz, and contain 508Kbytes Flash, 256Kbytes SRAM, 2D graphics acceleration engine, and 128Mb display memory. It provides more than 70 commands, including picture display, GIF animation display, picture loop display, boot screen, progress bar, text string, QR code, audio playback, and touch function, etc. With the editing software and simulation tool provided by Levetop, users can easily get their project done with TFT display functions in no time. Along with the Uart interface for comunicating with the host MCU, LT7689 also provides multiple groups of SCI (Uart) interfaces that can connect to peripherals such as blue tooth modules, and WiFi modules, etc. USB interfaces, SD cards, analog input AIN, PWM and INT interrupts are also available. These interfaces can also be set up as normal IO interfaces.

Benefiting from its high-capacity Flash and SRAM, LT7689 can also be used as a host MCU with TFT controller. The hardware's graphics acceleration engine (BTE) and geometric drawing engine can even support display rotation, picture mirror shooting, picture-in-picture (PIP/child picture) and graphics mixed transparent display, as well as painting points, drawing lines, curves, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, rounded rectangles, cylinders, tables and other functions. LT7689's powerful display capabilities are ideal for electronic products with TFT-LCD screens, such as smart home appliances, automotive dashboards, motorcycle panels, multifunction transaction machines, industrial control pplications, electronic instruments,medical beauty equipment, testing equipment, charging equipment, hydropower meters, and smart audio player with TFT panel etc.

Product specifications
  • Built-in 32Bit Cortex M4 MCU, 508KB Flash, 256KB SRAM
  • Support USB2.0, SD card, I2C interface
  • Built-in geometric drawing engine, 2D graphics acceleration engine
  • Built-in AES/DES and CRC verification
  • Development tools (UI_Editor & UI_Emulator) available
  • Built-in RTC and clock singal source
  • Package: QFN96 (10*10mm^2)
  • SCI(Uart) x 3, SPI x 2
  • Support 16/18/24bit RGB panel with max. solution of 1280*1024
  • Built-in 128Mb display memory
  • Support PWM/GPIO output
  • Support MCU/SPI Flash upgrad through USB port
  • Voltage: 3.0V ~ 3.6V
Development diagram
Product information electronic file

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