Industrial instruments and instrument displays

With the industrial upgrading and the evolution of intelligent automation, more and more industrial instruments and meters are required to display more abundant and diverse information. Therefore, industrial instruments and meters have gradually adopted TFT LCD displays to replace traditional LED lights, seven segment displays, monochrome LCD, and mechanical instrument panels. Levetop's TFT controller chip, LT768x series, can meet such color display needs, making the new generation of industrial instruments more intelligent and practical with digital display and touch functions.

LT768x controller chips support various MCU interface, including SPI and 8/16 bit MCU parallel interface. With built-in 128Mb display memory, LT768x can support up to 16M colors per pixel. LT768x also has an embedded hardware graphics acceleration engine (BTE) which provides command type graphics operations such as image rotation, flipping, mirroring, picture in picture(PIP), color blending, transparent display, and other functions. In addition, the built-in geometric drawing engine supports drawing points, lines, curves, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and more. These functions can enhance the display efficiency and greatly alleviate the process burden on the host MCU.

Other than LT768x series, LT7680 and LT7381 also share similar functionality. Developers may select a best fit for their project, based on the application requirements. LT768x/LT7680/LT7381 have been successfully applied in industrial equipment, detection equipment , CNC machines, 3D printers, elevator indicators, and other products.

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